Spares parts and Maintenance

TIBS have a team of experienced coded welders and fitters in UK and in other export countries, to support all our clients with installation projects and unplanned breakdown support. To ensure the engineers have the correct parts available onsite, we supply our own spare parts service to customers worldwide. This can involve producing new parts from existing drawings or reproducing new parts from an old sample with the support of our in-house design department.  

Below are examples of the type of spare parts TIBS can supply and install for customers, however if your requirements are not listed, please contact TIBS to discuss new part specifications and components:


  • Headers and Boiler Steam / water drums
  • Oval hand hole caps for headers (different sizes in stock)
  • Square hand hole caps for headers
  • Boiler tubes
  • Superheater elements
  • Economiser elements supplied to specific requirements
  • Boiler feed water pumps and circulaters
  • Expansion Vessels
  • Deaeraters
  • Steam accumulators
  • Blow down vessels
  • Flash vessels
  • Steam locomotive superheater elements
  • Flue tubes for steam locomotives
  • Steam locomotive long ball ends, short ball ends, ball end seating washers
  • Steam locomotive bridge clamps, element support bands, skid bars


TIBS can offer a range of maintenance services onsite:

  • Coded welding repairs using MIG, TIG and arc-welding
  • Boiler, Economizer and Superheater re-tubing and header replacements
  • Shell boiler D-patch and tubeplate repairs
  • Annual maintenance work on safety valves, level gauges and level probes
  • Annual service maintenance work on burners with our GasSafe engineers including service contracts
  • Pipework replacement, modifications and emergency repairs
  • Control & Instrumentation upgrades and emergency repairs
  • Annual maintenance work on steam turbines
  • Refractory material replacement and repairs
  • Insulation and cladding replacement and repairs

We also have the facility to prefabricate and store parts at our workshop in Bilston, prior to delivery to site.