Steam Turbines

TIBS can offer installation, annual maintenance and refurbishment services for steam turbines and are independent from all manufacturer types. Our engineers are experienced at working on a selection of turbine types and working under time critical conditions, when the turbine is being serviced in planned outages or being repaired in unplanned emergency shutdowns.

Typical new projects undertaken by TIBS are as follows:


TIBS engineers have installed new steam turbine generator sets ranging from 7MW to 44MW, worldwide. This includes the involvement in the lay down and alignment of the unit, as well as the installation of the connecting pipework and the client support in acquiring the correct turbine specification. We also have experience in supporting customers with refurbished secondhand units, when budgetary pressures are imposed.   


TIBS engineers can carry out planned annual maintenance work or 5-year routine maintenance inspections on steam turbine generator sets, which are undertaken to the original manufacturers procedures. In case manufacturer procedures are not available for an older turbine generator set, a tailored inspection program can be generated to suit the specific machine requirements and the end customer expectations. The maintenance work can be carried out on a day/night shift basis, to minimize operational down-time.


More and more customers worldwide are seeking to rehabilitate their existing steam generator sets and TIBS have considerable experience in this field. However, when spare parts, drawings and documentation is no longer available, the TIBS design team can reverse engineer a replacement part, based on the original physical component. This in turn keeps customer maintenance costs low, as the longevity of the generator set is extended. TIBS have in many locations carried out this type of work and restored machines to reliable running order.


As part of their turbine services, TIBS will carry out planned annual & 5 yearly routine maintenance inspections on steam turbine generator sets.

These will be based around the original manufacturers procedures, or in the case of older sets an inspection program can be tailored to suit the specific machine & the requests of the end customer. The work can be carried out on day/night shift basis to minimise operating down time.