Pipework & valve services

TIBS can offer coded-welded pipework systems including control and instrumentation packages for steam, water, air, gas and oil based equipment. Our in-house coded welders are experienced at welding carbon steel and stainless steel pipework systems using arc, MIG and TIG welding sets respectively. We can also carry out pipework repairs and modifications such as single spool sections, replacement of valve units and additional valve systems installed in parallel or series at competitive rates. 

Typical work undertaken by TIBS with its in-house coded welders and fitters is a follows:


All pipe sizes are covered from under 25mm to over 450mm nominal bore or outside diameter. Work has been undertaken on various industrial plants with many different processes and mediums such as steam, water, diesel, heavy fuel oil & gas being the most common.
TIBS also build & install burner gas or oil train skids to order.


TIBS can carry out valve repairs or servicing to many different types & makes of valves either in situ on site or off site at TIBS works. Valves & mountings ranging from boiler safety valves, sight glasses & tank mountings through to large in line gate & globe valves are within TIBS range. In addition replacement valves can be supplied at very competitive rates due to TIBS bulk purchasing.


TIBS offer design & fabrication services in mild steel, carbon steel & stainless steel.These fabrications include one off boiler applications such as specialised windboxes for burners, ductwork for waste heat gas, process gas ducts, boiler flue ducts, heat exchanger units, boiler casing, & walkways etc.


TIBS own welders are coded to EN287/288 for all sizes & grades of pipework. All pressure part welds can be offered with the specific NDT required or requested by the relevant inspection authority. All types of repairs or installation work are within TIBS scope & range from single boiler tube inserts or pipe repairs through to complete boiler tube banks & large scale welded pipe runs.