Boiler Repairs and Re-design

TIBS can offer a comprehensive range of services for boiler repairs, refurbishments, recommissioning and redesigns and are independent from all manufacturer boiler and burner types. The in-house team is equipped with a design office, chartered engineers, project engineers, C&I engineers, fitters and coded welders to cover all levels of workload expected by the steam boiler plant customers.

Below are typical services that TIBS offer:


  • D patch repairs, boiler re-tubing, tube expanding, tubeplate repairs, membrane wall repairs, skin casing repairs
  • Boiler pre-heating systems, so that the boiler reaches maximum temperature quickly without causing structural damage
  • Lagging and cladding repairs
  • Burner connection redesigns, to accommodate alternative firing systems 


  • Supply and modify supperheater units including header assemblies
  • Complete chemical cleaning services for annual maintenance work
  • Complete superheater repairs for annual maintenance work
  • Redesign boiler constructions, to include superheater assemblies


  • Supply and modify economizer bundles for all boiler types
  • Modify the exhaust outlet of boilers to accommodate the installation of an integrated or stand-alone unit
  • Complete economizer repairs for annual maintenance work


  • Carry out annual maintenance work on boiler safety valves, control valves, level gauges, level controls and internal surfaces
  • Carry out annual maintenance servicing on gas, oil and dual fuel burners, plus waste heat auxiliary burners
  • Test the burner control system, to ensure all the burner interlocks work as expected


  • Complete re-tubes & boiler repairs
  • Fabrication & supply of boiler tubes
  • Superheater element supply & fabrication
  • Superheater re-tubing & repairs
  • Fabrication, supply & installation of headers
  • Economiser repairs, re-tubing & supply of replacement elements
  • Boiler maintenance, refurbishment & redesign
  • Supply of new or second-hand boilers including site erection
  • Fuel firing conversions including all design work
  • Condensate/Hot well tank supply & installation
  • Instrumentation & controls for all steam plant applications
  • Fuel handling system supply including conveyors & grates
  • Supply of skilled site labour & operating/commissioning engineers
  • Air preheaters & heat exchanger design, supply & installation
  • Boiler annual maintenance work for statutory inspections
  • Refractory repairs & rebuilds
  • Boiler spare parts, hand hole caps etc
  • Boiler skin or casing weld repairs
  • Boiler end plate & shell weld repairs
  • Boiler furnace flue tube weld repairs
  • Burner maintenance & combustion tests