Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd (TIBS) are experienced in providing a range of services for steam boiler plant installations using various fuel handling system types. Our experience has evolved over the years by working in many different industries such as Sugar cane factories, Power stations, Automotive factories, Waste to Energy sites and Food & Drink companies, which has led to our ability in designing, supplying and installing a wide range of steam boiler plants for various customer requirements.

To provide the necessary boiler house support for all customer types, TIBS can offer the following services, worldwide:

  • Boiler repairs and boiler re-designs, to extend the life-expectancy of existing boilers and fuel handling system upgrades to meet new emission levels or new fuel supply requirements
  • Steam turbine repairs such as shaft replacements and shaft refurbishments, to support annual maintenance requirements and operational needs.
  • The conversion of Bagasse fired boilers to suspended firing, to allow the burning of finer by-products from the Sugar cane milling process to be used.
  • The conversion from dump grates to pin-hole grates in biomass boilers, to allow steam nozzles to clean the grate in a more efficient sequenced systematic process.

Below are the different services explained in more detail:

  • The conversion and optimization of biomass plant firing systems and boiler types, to accommodate a range of caloric levels from different fuel handling systems and the cleaning requirements from different dust carry-over levels.
  • The updates and modifications needed to existing boilerhouse control systems, to support new customer requirements such as 72h unmanned operation or interfacing to existing control room equipment. 
  • Pipework modifications and replacement to existing steam, gas, oil, water and air circuits to extend the longevity of existing boilerhouse plants.

Boiler Repairs and Re-design

TIBS can offer a comprehensive range of services for boiler repairs, refurbishments, recommissioning and redesigns and are independent from all manufacturer boiler and burner types. The in-house team is equipped with a design office, chartered engineers, project engineers, C&I engineers, fitters and coded welders to cover all levels of workload expected by the customer.


Steam Turbines

TIBS can offer installation, annual maintenance and refurbishment services for steam turbines and are independent from all manufacturer types. Our engineers are experienced at working on a selection of turbine types and working under time critical conditions, when the turbine is being serviced in planned outages or being repaired in unplanned emergency shutdowns.


Bagasse-fired Boilers & Grates

TIBS can offer specialist suspension firing systems to support the finer by-products produced by modern sugar cane milling processes. We have converted many pile burning boilers into suspension firing boilers, so that the finer raw material stays within the boiler combustion chamber, to ensure no combustible material passes through the exhaust duct system. We also have experience in retrofitting dump grate systems with steam pinhole grate systems.


Biomass Boilers

Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd are experienced at designing, supplying and installing biomass installations, which can be designed for wood, general, animal and clinical waste fuel systems. We will provide initial design layouts after consultation with the client, project manage the complete boiler-house installation including pipework and control & instrumentation and then carry out the commissioning process with our experienced in-house team.


Control & Instrumentation

TIBS control and instrumentation department can design, supply and install a wide range of C&I packages for all steam boiler plant related applications. Our expertise is in designing one off special applications, system updates and interface packages to systems already installed. We also have C&I engineers who are experienced on burner controls and can carry out diagnostic checks on the interface between the boiler controls and the burner controls, to ensure both systems are working correctly.


Pipework and Valve Services

TIBS can offer coded-welded pipework systems including control and instrumentation packages for steam, water, air, gas and oil based equipment. Our in-house coded welders are experienced at welding carbon steel and stainless steel pipework systems using arc, MIG and TIG welding sets respectively. We can also carry out pipework repairs and modifications such as single spool sections, replacement of valve units and additional valve systems installed in parallel or series at a competitive rates.