Case Study - Doncaster

In 2009 Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd (TIBS) were appointed by Trackwork in Doncaster to design, supply and install a waste heat boiler application comprising of a two stage superheater, a piggy-back fire tube boiler with the steam drum fitted on top, an economizer, boiler feed water pumps and a deaerator.


The scope of works for TIBS on this project was to design a waste to energy plant that could burn used railway sleepers. This required TIBS to design a bespoke 17 t/h waste heat boiler to produce superheated steam at 400 deg.C at 40 bar. The boiler system also incorporated an economiser to ensure the maximum efficiency was achieved.

The challenge on this project was:

  • To design a boiler system that could withstand the temperature range from burning used railway sleepers
  • To design gasways that could allow for high levels of ash carry over without the need for regular stoppages and maintenance for cleaning
  • To try and use stand components where possible, to keep material costs and labour costs low and the ROI within an acceptable time-frame
  • To design a compact installation package, that keeps pipework lengths to a minimum and fit within the constraints of the existing building dimensions.