Case Study - Avonmouth

In 2012 Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd (TIBS) were appointed by the company NEAT to design a complete Waste to Energy facility for household waste on a site near Bristol. The facility would burn waste in a combined gasification and pyrolysis system to generate electricity through steam turbines.


This was a steam boiler plant project with 2-off waste heat boilers, plus superheaters, economisers, de-superheaters and a water treatment plant. The complex project involved the design, installation and commissioning of the steam boiler plant, plus the Triveni steam turbines. This was a high profile project for TIBS using cutting edge technology for generating energy from municipal waste.

TIBS have designed, supplied and installed the following components in the boilerhouse in Avonmouth:

  • Steam boilers,
  • Superheaters and economisers,
  • Radiant chambers,
  • Deaerators,
  • Triveni turbines.

Once the components were positioned, TIBS installed the connecting pipework and control and instrumentation packages using its in-house design team, C&I team, fitters and coded welders. After the installation was complete, TIBS commissioned the complete waste to energy process.



Once the waste to energy plant enters service in 2020 it is expected to generate 33MW of electricity and supply the National Grid with enough electricity to power over 30,000 homes. In addition to construction jobs and sub-contractor opportunities, around 45 permanent roles will be created by the development