New and reconditioned boilers

TIBS can supply new or reconditioned boilers tailored to the customer specification regarding steam pressure, steam output, fuel-firing system and budget. The steam boilers can be constructed and supplied as a water-tube boiler with membrane wall sections, a shell boiler with smoke tubes or a as coil boiler. The boiler construction is dependent on the steam output range, the steam capacity and the steam cycle requirements.

Below is a summary of the products supplied by TIBS as ex-works, FOB or within a complete site installation project: 


TIBS can supply, install and commission water-tube package boilers to suit specific steam requirements. Our boiler range includes D-type, A-type and O-type package boilers. All boilers can be supplied with superheaters, economisers and deaerators. In addition to the standard boiler/burner packages, most fuel-firing system types can be accommodated within our product range. However, fuel-firing system types requiring larger furnaces, such as Bagasse boilers, would be better suited to the TIBS field-erected boilers. 


TIBS can supply, install and commission a full range of shell package boilers to suit specific site requirements. Our boilers offer a full range of burner manufacturer and boiler control system options, plus ancillary equipment tailored to the customers requirements. Typical ancillary equipment such as superheaters and economisers can be incorporated into the overall boiler package and will come with fully backed performance guarantees.


If site requirements or specific fuel types dictate a field erected boiler, TIBS offer a proven track record in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of this boiler type. Before the design work commencing, TIBS would carry out a full design and feasibility study to confirm the installation requirements. Then once the specification has been agreed with the customer, TIBS would manage the project right the way through to installation and commissioning, if needed.


When budgets are an overriding factor for the client, TIBS can offer second-hand boiler packages that have been fully reconditioned, tested, inspected and dispatched with a test certificate. This service is available on a worldwide basis for all types and sizes of packaged shell boilers and water-tube boilers. As with all boilers supplied by TIBS, we offer a full installation and commissioning service as and when needed. Again each boiler package is tailored to clients specification and can be supplied with ancillary equipment such as burners, valves, insulation & cladding and controls & instrumentation packages.

Note: TIBS can offer performance data sheets and certificates for all products supplied.


TIBS are the UK agents for the Cannon BONO ENERGIA company in Milan Italy, where we can supply the following boiler types and output ranges direct from the factory:

  • Flash coil steam generators: 0.3 to 3 t/h operating on Natural Gas, Diesel Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil up to 12 bar pressure
  • Fire tube steam boilers: 1 to 25 t/h operating on Natural Gas, Diesel Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil up to 30 bar pressure 
  • Water tube boiler: up to 180 t/h operating on Natural Gas, Diesel Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil up to 80 bar pressure
  • Super-heated water generators: up to 80 MW operating on Natural Gas, Diesel Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil up to 260°C temperature
  • Heat recovery steam generators: up to 40 MW with gas turbines ranging from 3 to 15 MW

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